Gujarat Elections Opinion poll | BJP may win clear majority


Gujarat elections: BJP may win clear majority, As per News Channels opinion poll


As per the assessment of public sentiment, BJP might win an agreeable larger part with 104-119 seats in the 182-part Gujarat gathering, while Congress might win 53-68 seats, AAP might win 0-6 seats and 'Others' may win 0-3 seats. Indistinguishably, in the 2017 get together races, BJP had won 99 seats, Congress had won 77 seats and 'Others' had won six seats.

Casting a ballot rate wise, the assessment of public sentiment says, BJP might get 49.5 percent, Congress 39.1 percent, AAP might get 8.4 percent and 'Others' may get 3 pc votes. In 2017 get together decisions, BJP had got 49.05 percent votes, Congress 41.44 percent and 'Others' had got 8.65 percent votes.


District wise: In Focal Gujarat having 61 seats, BJP might get 41, Congress 19 seats, AAP nothing and Others 1 seat. In Saurashtra-Kutch having 54 seats, BJP might get 30 seats, Congress might get 21 seats and AAP might get three seats. In South Gujarat having 35 seats, BJP might get 26, Congress might get 6 seats, and AAP 3 seats. In North Gujarat having 32 seats, BJP and Congress might get 16 seats each.


The assessment of public sentiment shows, BJP might get 47% booked standing votes, 49% planned clan votes, 59% Kadwa Patel votes, 53 pc Leuva Patel votes, 52 percent OBC votes, 49% upper station Hindu votes and 12 percent Muslim votes. Congress might get 42percent  SC votes, 41percent  ST votes, 33% Kadwa Patel votes, 36% Leuva Patel votes, 40% OBC votes, 40% upper position Hindu votes, and 62 percent Muslim votes.


Gotten some information about their most ideal decision for CM, 32 percent decided on Bhupendra Patel, 7% for AAP pioneer Isudan Gadhavi, six percent picked Congress pioneer Shaktisinh Gohil, 4% for Bharat Singh Solanki, 4 percent for Sukhram Rathwa, 4percent for Arjun Modwadia and 3 percent for Jagdish Thakore.


On Boss Pastor Bhupendra Patel's presentation, 30% said 'excellent', 39% said 'normal' and 28% said 'extremely poor'.

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