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Relationship Is Everything:
motivational story

There were 3 friends in a city, their name was Pawan, Kaushal, and Sanket. They used to study in a college where they were in the final year of B.Com. They had a very good relationship with them and understood each other very well. Those people continued to come to each other's house. One day Pawan, Sanket, and Kaushal were drinking tea while sitting in the college canteen An idea came up and he said that after completing our graduation we will start our own business together and we will distribute equal profit among all the profits in that business. Then Pawan said, "All right guys, we are all ready, but we will bring money to start our business." We do not even have such an amount that we start our business, listen, friends, you guys do not worry about the money, I will give the money only when Pawan and Sanket said that we all got together and deposited money from our home. Will do, and to start the business, which will cost more money, later he will get all the money from the profit of the business.

Pawan and Sanket used to belong to a middle-class family, there was no one to earn so much at their house. But Kaushal used to be a high-class family, he had a lot of money, he was not lacking in anything.
A few days later, the exam came and after the exam over, the three of them spent all their time on their business and within a short time they started their business. In a few days, his business became very big and became very popular in that city. He started getting a good profit. After two years, suddenly Kaushal came to the office and said to Pawan and Sanket, this business is now mine, I had given the most money to start a business and now I am the owner of this business, you both take your profit and those who gave money to start a little business, get out. And do not ever come here now in this office, then the Sanket said that when we were in college, all three of us had decided that we would live together and do business together and now you are doing this thing. But Kaushal was not willing to listen to anything in his mind, I was just wondering that I have given the most money in this business, and now that profit is being given, I am getting equal cue, I should get more. Speaking of this, he drove them both out of the office. Pavan and Sanket were very good-natured and were very intelligent. At that time, he did not say anything to Kaushal and left quietly from there.
After a few months, Pawan and Sanket both started a new business in the same city where Kaushal’s business, and in a few years Pawan and Sanket's day and night hard work and their idea made their business grow in a few years. they started doing business at the state and national levels. Kaushal was very surprised to see that his business was slowly decreasing and his business was limited to the city only because of lack of skill and knowledge he had so much money but he had no idea how to increase business and gradually his business came to the verge of closure. When Pawan and Sanket came to know about these things happening to Kushal’s business, they immediately went to Kaushal's office to help him and they said Friend, what happened? Business is not growing. Why is there a problem? Was Kaushal's eyesight bowed to both of them because of the way Kaushal had missed them out of business? Kaushal apologized to both, Sanket and Pawan also forgiven because they were very nice they understood the relationship and then Sanket and Pawan explained to him, forget what happened and now the business has to be saved from the finish. Then after that, Pawan and Sanket together helped to Kaushal and his business grew slowly as before, now they were very happy and their friendship was back again and in a few days, they would be together again. And they started doing business together.

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