Difference between MBA Vs PGDM. Which is better?

What is The different between MBA and PGDM?

For students after completing graduation on of the difficult the task to decide in which program to go for higher education.

Now there is two best option after graduation that is MBA and PGDM. now you are confused between two management courses, whether I have to go for MBA or PGDM. Many students view that PGDM is a diploma course, not a degree, you are right to an extent that is diploma. Even IIMs is also offer PGDM because that is autonomous and independent bodies.

Don’t worry you will find measure difference in below paragraph.

So Both are the post-graduation level management courses.

MBA stands for Master in Business Administration and

PGDM stands for Post graduation diploma in management

Typically, if any PGDM is to be equivalent to MBA then the course should be 2 years.

MBA a two-year management degree, only Universities can grant an MBA degree.

While, PGDM diploma degree, offered by the autonomous college which is approved by AICTE.

Only Universities can offer MBA- those management institute which is affiliated to a university can offer an MBA degree.

Curriculum- there are so many similarities in the curriculum of both courses.
MBA focuses more on theoretical aspect of management and is more exam-oriented,
While PGDM has a focus on building soft skills and it is industry oriented.

An Autonomous institute does not have to follow universities standards it is free to change its curriculum according to industry standards.

In compare to PGDM, generally, MBA is more affordable as the fees are almost similar to university standards.

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