The Statue of Unity - World's Tallest statue in India | Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

The statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue in India. Its height is 182 meters which is the almost double height of the Statue of Liberty which is 93 meters tall. The statue of unity is an iconic 182 meters tall tribute to one of India’s foremost statesmen and leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was also known as an Iron Man of India. Sardar Patel was the Bismarck of Modern India, who led the welfare of farmers. He is renowned as the architect of independent India as he united all divers 562 states to build the one great Republic of India.

The ambitious project was announced in 2010 by Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi and In 2013 Narendra Modi decided to pay the honorable tribute which will be cherished for centuries by the whole world and it will become a matter of pride for every Indian for this great man. 

The Statue of Unity is located between the Vindhyachal and Satpuda ranges, rising on Sadhu-Bet Island in the Narmada River. It’s 3.5 km downstream from Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujrat.

The Statue of Unity is one of the largest projects in the world, in terms of magnitude and scale. For modern India, it is the first crowd-funded monument, which is built on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model with the funds required for the project to be raised through private and public contributions, both. Additionally, Iran from used farming implements and soil collected from villages across the country is utilized in the construction of the project.

The Statue of Unity is not just a memorial this project is the part of the largest tourism ecosystem. To welcome visitors, the government has built a 3 Star hotel, a shopping center and a research center in the Sardar Patel Statue complex.
  •   It has built a high-speed elevator that will take you to a height of about 400 feet through the core of the statue where we can get a panoramic view of the surroundings.
  • ·About 200 people can stand at a time on a platform close to the chest of the statue.
  • In the complex has a separate selfie point from where you get a good view of the statue and its surroundings. There is also a museum and audiovisual gallery. 
Entry Tickets fees:
You can also book an online ticket for the Sardar Patel Statue.
There are two option for buy ticket as per your convenience
  • The first option is a basic entry ticket, which includes a visit to the valley of flowers, the Sardar Patel memorial, museum and audiovisual gallery and the Statue of Unity. For children who below 15 years the ticket price is Rs.60 and for adult or more than 15 Years the ticket price is Rs.120
  • And the second option is, the tickets for kids who are below the age of 3 years entry is free. And for all others above 3 years tickets are priced at Rs. 350 per person. It includes entry to the observation deck, valley of flowers, the Sardar Patel memorial, museum and audiovisual gallery, the Statue of Unity site and Sardar Sarovar Dam

There are some Facts  about ‘Statue of Unity’:
  • The 182-meter high statue is a tribute to India’s freedom fighter and first deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He is also known as the “Iran Man of India”
  • Now Statue of Unity 182 meter (600ft) is the world’s tallest statue in the world. Earlier The Spring Temple Buddha in China which was the world's biggest statue at 128 meters. And the Statue of Unity is almost double of the Statue of Liberty which is 93 meters, New York, US.
  • The Iron gathered from the farmers was of uncertain quality, it was not used to build the main statue. However, it used in other areas of the project such a construction of the bridge, gallery, and museum
  • Statue of Unity was built in just 33 months and also the one to be completed in the shortest time.  As compared to The Spring Temple Buddha which was built in 11 years.
  • The Statue of Unity was built by Padma Bhushan Recipient sculptor Ram V. Sutar and intricate bronze cladding work was done by a Chinese foundry, Jiangxi Toqine Company
  • It was ready by more than 3000 workers with including 300 engineers from L&T Company.
  • The statue will be able to withstand wind velocity up to 60m/s, vibration, and earthquakes.
  • The project, which built at a cost of Rs.2989 crore, was fully funded by the Gujarat Government.
  • The viewing gallery for the statue at 153 meters, it can accommodate 200 people at a time.
  • Since opening on November 1, the 182-meter tall Statue of Unity has attracted more than 1.28 Lakh tourists, officials said.
  • ·According to media reports around 30,000 people visit on daily basis and till now approximately 2.79 lakh visitors came to see the Statue in a month and its tickets sale generated revenue of Rs.6.38 crore.


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