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Tips for Group Discussion:
  • To prepare for group discussion, we should know what’s happening around the world.
  • Should be aware of current affairs and issues
  • Should be well versed in your communication skills much before your actual group discussion
  • You can sit with your friends in a group and choose any topic and do friendly GD. This preparation will help to increase your knowledge and confidence
  • You should learn to communicate with body gestures. Because the panelist observed the way you sit and react during a discussion
  • You should be a good listener because listening skills are very important during GD, so listen carefully to what others have to say. Only speaking throughout the discussion doesn’t make you better. You should learn to give others a chance to speak.
  • If the speaker is making an eye-contact with you remember to acknowledge him by nodding your head
  • Don’t crisscross your ideas. Because it gives a bad impact and you are judged a person who has no stand for his own thought.         
Generally, there are four types of Group Discussion:

·      1)  Current Affairs
·      2)   Social Issues
·      3)  Business & Economy
·     4)  Abstract Topics

Current Affairs:-
  • A plastic ban in India- impact on Indian economy and society
  • Making of Statues in India is Good or Bad
  • Statue of Unity is a symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public money
  • Section 377 legalize is good things or bad
  • Section 497
  • US Trade Policy- Is Trump creating World Trade War
  • #Me Too Campaign
  • Media Freedom – should there be a limit
  • Is India ready for Electric Vehicles
  • Linking of Aadhaar is making Aadhaar mandatory a good idea or bad
  • Does India really need Bullet Train
  •   Sensex has nothing to do with economy and society
  • E-commerce Discounts are harmful in long run?
  • Caste-Based reservation must be replaced with economic status
  • Can privatization save Air India
  • GST – Pros & Cons
  •  Can Lok Sabha & Assembly Elections be held simultaneously?
  • Is Digital Payments are secure in India?
  • Is Chinese project OBOR ( One Belt One Road) benefit for India
  •  Make in India or Made in India
  •   Chinese Products are threat to Indian businessmen and economy
  •  Is India ready to go cashless
  • Demonetization is successful move or bad move
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment
  • Can Government control the rising of petrol prices
  • Should national anthems be played in cinema halls
  • Driverless can in India is good or bad
  • Whatsapp should be banned in India?
  • Euthanasia – To do or not to do
  • Is social networking safe or unsafe
  • Flipkart deal with Walmart impact on India Economy
  • Triple Talaq
  •  Is FDI retail good or bad for India
  • Which Government is better – BJP or Congress
  • Blockchain in Insurance Sector
  • Why Young generation  do not interest in Politics
  • Reservation should be removed from the public sector
Social Issues:
  • Women Empowerment
  • Smart Cities or Smart rules
  • Movie Encourage social evils?
  • Reservation should be removed from the public sector
  • Social Security in India
  • Global warming
  • Impact of Plastic ban on Society
  • Net Neutrality is essential to make India Digital
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao will it abolish the orthodox mindset
  • Swachh bharat Abhiyan
  • Social Media should be ban in India?
  • Will smart city Projcet give wing to growth
  • Smart city or Smart rules
  •  Is Social media helping to terrorism
  • Browsing at wokplace affects productivity
  • Triple Talaq
  •  Tobacco and Liquor must be banned
  • Beef ban is illogical
  •  Love marriage v/s arranged marriage
  • Social networking site are killing creativity
  •   Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?
  •  Voter must be given a NOTA (None of The Above) choice. Is good or bad?
  • Can Lok Sabha & Assembly Elections be held simultaneously? 
Business and Economy:
  •  Is Startups campaign help to Boosting Entrepreneurship
  • With reduced rates of GST will help to economy grow faster
  • Will India be able to double Income of farmer in next five years
  • Plastic ban v/s Economy
  • Demonetization
  •  Impact on Indian economy of Flipkart deal with Walmart
  • Does India need FDI in Insurance
  • Is India ready for E-commerce
  •  Privatization of Indian Economy should India go ahead with the idea
  • Merging the General & Railway Budget will save exchequer from unnecessary spending?
  • Will India remain way behind china
  • Why IT companies fired their employees in bulk
  •     FDI in retail -  good or bad
  •  Blockchain in Insurance Sector
  •   Can blockchain system help to Indian banking sector
  • Corruption in economy is the cause for Indian economic slowdown
  • The idea of “Make in India” campaign will make India a Manufacturing hub
  •  Manufacturing  industry v/s Agriculture in India 
  •   Is Indian Society ready for Cashless economy
  •  Impact of AI or Technology on Jobs
  • Crypto Currency
  • Merger of Public Sector Banks
  •  Can RERA will to restore trust of home buyers
  •  Demonetization- success & failure
  •  Is Aadhaar Database secured?
  •  Instead of bullet trains, investment in existing Indian railways infrastructures

Abstract Topics:

  • Process or Performance
  •  Hard work or Smart work
  • Smart cities or smart rules
  •  Ethics or Profit
  • Fact v/s Opinion
  • Leader of Follower
  • Effective manger or Ethical Manager
  • Zero
  • Black dots
  • Means or End
  •  Strategy or Execution
  • Change is the only constant
  • Freedom is myth
  • Work life balance is a Myth
  • Famous or Important
  •  Water or Oxygen
  • Soft skills v/s technical skills
Other Topics:

  • Movies are corrupting the Indian youth, yes or no
  • Western culture is making us forget our cultural heritage?
  • Do women make good managers?
  •  Privatization will lead to less Corruption
  •   The world does not need religion?
  • Indian Administration should recruit form MBA colleges.

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