2018- The Year When #MeToo Shook India

In the last few days, a movement has been started in our country by Tanushree datta that is #MeToo Campaign.
#MeToo campaign is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.
I don’t know, is Tanushree datta right or wrong what she said about Nana Patekar. But yes, in our country so many women or girls are sexually harassed at the workplace, there is not only the Bollywood actress who has faced this problem but also all the women or girls who are going to do chores, walking to school, running in the morning, dreams of a job they all are currently facing this problem.
#MeToo campaign, that campaign has encouraged women globally to recount the incident of sexual harassment or rape. Many women are still fighting for basic human rights that are taken for granted elsewhere for them.
Through #MeToo movement now several women have bravely come out with stones about harassment and sexual abuse at the workplace or any other place at the hands of the powerful and higher-ups.
In our country there are so many girls or women who sexually harassed or assaulted, they are not ready to take action towards this and they do not share their experience with their parents or someone. they just say it’s ok but now #MeToo through this every girl or women want to say It’s Not Ok and feel free to share your experience on social media will defiantly help. And it’s time to change your mindset against it.
#MeToo campaign till not successful when you all people are not supports to it.
If you all people support to this movement #MeToo and want to succeed this campaign then you must speak something about this movement and share your experience.

In the last just I want to say that #MeToo….If all the girls or women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted, just wrote “#MeToo” as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

“Do not behave like Moon, Behave like Sun” So that the stranger is burned before touching you.

I request you to all please share it…


If you have doubts please let me know

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