Chanakya Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

           There are many ancient thinkers who have contributed to the theoretical and practical field of Economics. The real hero is 'Acharya Chanakya' his also other eight names very popular Vatyastan, Mallanaag, Kautilya, drama, Pakshilswami, Varnak, Vishnugupt, and Gul. He had a total nine names. Chanakya, who is also referred to as Vishnugupta or Kautilya was a widely known scholar and statesman from ancient India. Without the feats, and wisdom of Chanakya history appears virtually incomplete. As per historical records, Chanakya lived between 350 and 283 B.C. Chanakya was into a Brahmin family Acharya Chanak. his father, was a teacher, from whom the name Chanakya id derived Likewise, he is called  Kautilya form his gotra's name kotil. His father was Canin (or Chanak) and his mother was Chaneswari. His name was derived from the name of his father. His birthplace is a subject of controversy. Some believed that he was born in Taxila, while some tools claim that he was born in South India. 
     Chanakya was born with a tooth in his mouth. It is said that during the time of his birth, a monk asking for alms had arrived at his house. The monk, hearing that the baby was born with a tooth in his mouth, said that the baby would become a famous King. His father immediately removed the baby's tooth. Upon which the monk predicted that the baby will now become a kingmaker.
Chanakya got his education from the ancient university Takshashila. A teaching profession followed the completion of his education. As Chanakya had a keen interest in political studies, he decided to proceed to Pataliputra. It was evident that he would grow to become one of the best politicians and an excellent strategist. Chanakya was also very wise and he would come up with brilliant solutions for the most problem. He even acquired the knowledge of medicine and astronomy.
      Apart from being an efficient and outstanding Prime Minister, he was also an excellent adviser to the Emperor, Chandragupta Maurya. He also attended and was a senior-most professor in the University of Takshasila. He was a master in the field of economics, commerce, warfare, general administration, and politics. Chanakya also penned a few classics that included Neetishastra, Chanakya Neeti. and the most famous of them all, the Arthashastra. This served as a ready reckoner for bureaucrats, economists, and politicians. Arthashastra. the treatise on Economic administration was written bu Kautilya in the 4th century before Christ. It consists of 15 chapters, 380 shlokas, and 4968 sutras. In all probability, this treatise is the first-ever book written on the Practice of Management. It is essentially on the art of governance and has an instructional tone.
        He authored the ancient Indian treatise on statecraft, economic policy, and military strategy, the Arthashastra ( the science of wealth). The text is considered to be very influential in ancient practices of Indian Economics and Political Science. In fact, Chanakya is regarded as the pioneer of the field of Indian Economics and Political Science, and his work is thought of as a significant predecessor to Classical Economics (developed in the 18th and 19th Century). 
       Chanakya is the author of Arthashastra dwells on the subject of Economics and Politics and it served as a guideline for fortune kings and emperors. His works in terms of economy and management are relevant even today. 

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